More Details on ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ at E3 2017

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Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, along with its list of games to release by the end of this Calender year, and after the 2017 E3 press briefing closing with Nintendo’s all-star line-up of titles, highly anticipated games like Super Mario Odyssey came full force with more details and even better, an actual release date.

The Mario franchise has seen open world environments in the past, but none like Odyssey. Off on another journey to save Princess Peach, this time from Bowser’s marriage proposal, Mario sets off in his new airship, appropriately titled, Odyssey. Equipped with new abilities focused around his red cap, like cap throw, cap jump and the most unique skill called capture, which allows Mario to take control of objects and enemies all around him.

In the first sandbox-style title since the Gamecube’s release of Super Mario Sunshine, and only the third open world Mario title, including the critically acclaimed N64 release Super Mario 64, Odyssey takes you on a vast expedition collecting Moons to help power your airship, allowing you to traverse the universe and explore huge 3D kingdoms and diverse, lively worlds.

With the new unique skill ‘Capture’, Mario tosses his little red cap at whichever desired object or enemy, the hat sticks to the top of the desired location and Mario’s being becomes transferred into the cap, in turn giving complete control to the player. A useful tactic when overcoming difficulty tasks placed throughout the enormous universe of the Odyssey and Co. traverses.

Added features like useful incorporations of the HD Rumble and Joy Con motion controls, but also the ability to explore certain sections as 2D pixelated Mario keep the experience lively. Amiibo figures also make their appearance in the upcoming Mario title, unlocking new costumes when you scan each of the three characters – Mario, Peach and Bowser dressed in their wedding attire – or any of the other already released figures that are supported with Odyssey.

Plenty of different environments and areas from beautiful jungles to vast plains populated by the dinosaur era, or see the short, over-all wearing plumber run frantically around the enthralling metropolis, New Donk City, for the first city experience in a Mario title. Add new skills and plenty of new enemies and surprises in the expansive open world, Super Mario Odyssey looks to up the Nintendo Switch experience ten fold when it releases everywhere this October 27th.

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