Did Devolver Digital win E3 2017?


Is is possible the Devolver Digital just won E3 without making a single new game announcement? Yes. Yes it is. The publisher hosted their first E3 conference this year and completely blew us away with their show. The event was completely unexpected and was that enough for them to take the E3 2017 crown?

Devolver Digital is the publisher behind games such as Hotline Miami and Serious Sam. However, they previously announced that they would not be announcing any new games during the event. As a result, we all assumed they would be showing off the newly announced “The Swords of Ditto” or one of the games we know is coming but doesn’t currently have a release date. Any other publisher should have shown gameplay for “Serious Sam 4”, “Sometimes Always Monsters” and “The Talos Principle 2”. Not Devolver Digital though, they just had to prove a point.

They’ve been rather open in the past about their views towards E3. They don’t particularly support the trade show for different reasons so it was surprising to see them announce that they would be attending. After seeing the conference however, it’s clear why they decided to do this. They thought it would be a hilarious way to highlight some of the problems in the gaming industry. Issues with “Early Access” games never being completed and players thinking their entitled to change the game however they want despite the game not having mod support. Both of which are frustrating for many developers and publishers to deal with.

So naturally, Devolver Digital had to include those two things in their show as they poked some fun at the whole event.

It may seem like a lame ‘gimmick’ but it’s actually quite clever and was a breath of fresh air at E3. Instead of having yet another entirely serious conference, we got a parody which stand out completely. After the lackluster Bethesda conference which disappointed many, Devolver Digital show was great. The event acted as a nice distraction from the lack of Starfield and marked a nice end to the conferences.

Of course, the humour in the show isn’t going to suit everyone. For those who did enjoy it, Devolver Digital clearly had one of the best conferences at E3 2017. It may even be possible to say that the event was a contender for first place. However, Nintendo seems to be the King of E3 this year thanks to their Metroid announcements.

While Devolver Digital isn’t the overall winner this year, we hope to see them again the future for more brilliant streams.


This post was provided by Clare from Lunawolf Gaming

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