Dice Calculator Help


Help and FAQs:

How to use the Dice Calculator’s functions?

There are three dice functions that are supported by the calculator.
Drop   = Drop x amount of dice from the rolled set and keep the rest
Keep  = Keep x amount of dice from the rolled set and drop the rest
Reroll = Drop x amount of dice from the rolled set and re-roll the dropped set of diceEach of the functions act in a similar fashion where the format must fit the following:
<Number of Dice (optional)><Dice Type><Function (optional)><Number of Dice Checked (optional)><Low or High (optional)><Check Limit>

Example of Use:
d6             = Rolling 1d6
4d6           = Rolling 4d6
4d6DL      = Rolling 4d6 dropping lowest
4d6DL3    = Rolling 4d6 dropping roles that are 3 and lower
4d6DH4   = Rolling 4d6 dropping roles that are 4 and higher
4d6RH4   = Rolling 4d6 re-rolling roles that are 4 and higher
4d6K2H4 = Rolling 4d6 keeping 2 dice that is 4 and higher

How do I roll a formula, like the D&D ability scores?

To roll a formula (using the D&D ability roles as an example), type the following within the calculator and press the “Enter” button.
4d6DL+4d6DL+4d6DL+4d6DL+4d6DL+4d6DLWhere the button presses are “4”, “d6”, “Drop”, “L”, “+” and “Enter”.

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