Dice Calculator


We believe tabletop players should enjoy their games rather than spend their time counting up dice rolls and adding complicated game formulas to those rolls. The Dice Calculator is an application that will allow individuals to experience their games to the fullest without a PhD in Math.

The Dice Calculator can make any complicated or large set of dice rolls simple and quick. So the role-playing games (RPG) like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) can move smoothly without interruption. For example a dragons breath where half damage is done with force and other half with fire can be performed with a press of a few buttons (6d6+6d6) on the dungeon master’s (DM’s) Android device. If the DM felt his dragon may cause the players too much damage he can press the enter button and the formula is re-rolled.



 Additional Examples
4d6DL           == Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest dice
4d6KL           == Roll 4d6 and keep the lowest dice
4d6K3H        == Roll 4d6 and keep 3 dice that is the highest
5d20R4H10 == Roll 5d20 and re-roll 4 dice that is higher or equal to 10
(d20+3)/2    == Roll d20 add 3 and half the result
… and endless more formulas can be performed.
Other features of the application includes the saving of one’s favorite formulas for later retrieval; a previous button that will cycle through previously rolled formulas for re-rolling; an answer button that will allow the answer to the previous formula to be entered within the current (rolling those critical attacks); and many, many more.

The Dice Calculator is a tool for every tabletop player.  It can be used for most complicated fireball formulas to the simple d20 rolls for a spot checks.  After downloading this app you will find the advantage will be yours at the table.


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