Digital Extremes is Expanding Their Offices

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Developer Digital Extremes is expanding. The Canadian company is bases in London, Ontario and is the developer behind Warframe. The popular free-to-play co-op shooter game which can be downloaded from Steam. Digital Extremes will be opening a new studio next month. They won’t be moving far however, the new studio will be in Toronto.

Digital Extremes VP or Publishing had an interview with The VP, Meredith Braun, told them that “Toronto has become a hub of impressive game development over the past 7-8 years”. As a result, “expanding to Toronto is the logical choice to continue growth plans for Digital Extremes”.

The developer has been growing for several years due to the immense success of Warframe. Their last studio expansion was in 2014 where they built an office in California USA. This office was created to handle publishing services for the studio.

Braun states that the company’s philosophy is to “grow smart at a pace that’s manageable.” Braun also notes that the company is currently looking for the “best people” to join them in making games right now. It suggests then that the company will be looking to gain new developers soon however, there hasn’t been an announcement from them about this just yet.

While Warframe may be what this developer is best known for, they announced a new free-to-play game earlier this year. The Amazing Eternals is a team-based shooter game which combines classic FPS action with a card based deck building element that adds new strategy to the game. There are several different playable characters to select from in the game. However, we don’t know much about them or the game yet. We do know however that a Closed Beta will be coming to the game in the future.

Digital Extremes is still expanding and is dedicated to Warframe in addition to their new free-to-play title, The Amazing Eternals.

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