Discover Fossils and Build Dinosaurs in ‘Fossil Hunters’, Now Live on Kickstarter

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An interesting title that brings the archaeologists into the gaming platforms, now live on Kickstarter, Fossil Hunters is a unique way to discover and construct everyone’s prehistoric mascots – the dinosaur.

Bringing an enticing adventure to find all different variations and style of beloved dinos, Fossil Hunters will have you digging away through the Earth to make the next big discovery. By clearing out dirt and rocks with your trusty pick axe, you’ll find specific blocks containing a small portion of a skeletal dino layout. Find all of the correct pieces and complete the dinosaur construction to unlock more levels and items in the game.

Now live on Kickstarter, the developers/publishers – Reptoid Games – are hoping to push the game a little further and help ease a few growing pains. The young team – Fossil Hunters being their first title – is ambitious and excited to release the fossil expedition game to dino lovers and adventure fans everywhere.

The story of Fossil Hunters puts the player in the middle of an expedition, but upon arriving to the dig site, your team is missing and the place is trashed. Once you stumble across an old radio desk, you meet The Collector, a stranger who offers unique and helpful items in exchange for – you guessed it – rare fossils. These supplies are valuable and prove useful for your dangerous quest.


The player is also equipped with plenty of tools right for the job, such as lights for keeping critters away and making it easier to see, a pic axe or rock drill, or even dynamite for the hairy situations, deep underground. Once you’ve collected your fossils, you’ll load up the mine elevator with your findings and tools (and of course, yourself) and collect your earnings.

Also available in the game if the story doesn’t quite grip you, Sandbox Mode allows you to construct dinosaurs in a free and casual way. Slide around your fossil blocks and put together a new, never-before-seen prehistoric beast with tons of interesting and fun combinations.


Fossil Hunters is set to initially release on Steam and UPlay for PC and Mac, but the team is taking messages for considering bringing the fossil finding game to consoles. The final pledge price is just over $28K, while it currently sits at a total of around $10K. Reptoid Games is looking for help on their Kickstarter page from all of the dinosaur and expedition fans to help make sure their dino adventure title receives a proper release.


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