The Division is free to play this weekend

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Ubisoft’s The Division is currently having a free weekend. Players will be able to test the game before they buy for this weekend only. However, this free trial is very limited.

According to GameSpot, players will be restricted to 6 hours of play time or until they reach level 8. After this, the game will be suspended ¬†until the player purchases the full game. However, the blog post from Ubisoft doesn’t mention these restrictions while the official website FAQ ¬†states that these limits will be lifted for the free weekend. So the message about this is currently very mixed.

The blog post from Ubisoft states that players will be able to experience everything the Standard Edition has to offer. This includes the co-op, PvP area and all of the improvements which have been made to the game over the past year. Players will not be able to experience the expansions for the game however. These remain exclusive to those who have paid for them.

Players who take part in the free weekend will be able to carry their progress forwards if they decide to purchase the game. In addition to this, the game is currently on sale at a heavy 65% discount across all platforms the game is on.

Console players will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription or a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play the game. Outside of this however, games will be able to play the game for free for the entire weekend.

Ubisoft has uploaded a handy image which shows when the free weekend will be unlocked for each region. The image at the top of the page confirms that everywhere will be getting at least 3 days this weekend. The vast majority of regions will have their free trial end on Sunday the 7th of May.

The developer has also uploaded a useful video to help new players who are just starting to play the game.

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