Doom Guy is Coming to Quake Champions

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Quake Champions won’t be releasing for a while but Bethesda, the publisher, has revealed a number of new details. For starters, the game will be moving out of Closed Beta into Early Access. It will also be getting a brand new champion.

While this game will be free-to-play, the Early Access version will be a paid version. Users will need to purchase the Champions Pack to access the Early Access version. The Champions Pack is a bundle that provides access to all 11 heroes, future heroes, an exclusive skin for Ranger and several loot chests. This pack is on sale for $30 and once the game is fully released, the price will be increasing to $40. However, Bethesda states that all Closed Beta players will get limited access to the Early Access version.

Bethesda has also announced the next hero for Quake Champions. Doom Guy or Doom Slayer will be coming to the game. The hero of Doom will have a Berserk ability which lets him kill enemies with his hands. In addition to the active ability, Doom Guy’s passive ability allows him to double jump. The release date for this new hero is currently unknown. Bethesda is expected to announce this very soon.


Several other changes will also be coming to the game when Early Access is launched. Here’s what players can expect to see:

  • Two new Maps called “Church of Azathoth” and “Tempest Shrine”
  • Rune Challenges
  • Lore system that will unlock a special skin for each champion
  • New customization option
  • In-game voice chat
  • Improved tutorial systems and a shooting gallery

In addition to these changes, the blog from Bethesda notes that other changes and new features will also be coming to the game. If you’d like to learn more, you can find the blog post here.


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