E3 Bethesda: Creation Club explained


Bethesda announced the new Creation Club during their E3 conference this year. However, it didn’t get the reception they were hoping for. Gamers linked this new service to the paid mods fiasco from last year and were quickly on the attack. Bethesda has now responded to the criticism by explaining what it is a little bit more.

Pete Hines took to the GameSpot stage show to discuss the subject in further detail. He explains that the team wants to keep making new content for Skyrim and Fallout 4 and this is an opportunity for them to do so. They themselves want to keep creating content to further expand the games. In addition to this, they will be offering select modders a chance to join their teams as a ‘developer’ for these games.

This won’t be open to all modders however. Hines states that Bethesda has a criteria for what people create and it can’t be something currently available. It’s uncertain if they’d make exceptions for the larger mods such as Enderal for Skyrim.

Hines emphasized that there’s a big difference between paid mods and the Creation Club. They’re not looking to monetize all mods but instead want to release ‘mini DLCs’ which people can pay for. These ‘DLC mods’ will be developer in-house or alongside external developers. As a result, these mods will not turn off achievements, will work with saved games and will work with all official Skyrim DLC.

So the Creation Club is not looking for force players to pay for mods. They’re simply offering the players a chance to pay for certain mods which have been developed by Bethesda and their approved modders. It’s a very different thing to the proposed paid mods system from last year.

While this sounds like a great idea, we’ll have to wait and see if it actually does take off.



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