EA has released their earnings call report for this quarter


EA has just released their final earnings call report for the 2017 year. Today’s report is for Q4 2017 which ended on March 31st. The report makes several big claims however, it reveals that the new IP from BioWare has been delayed.

The earnings call report is now available online in full if you’d like to read it all. However, we’re going to summarize it and pick out the most important details.

According to the report, EA was the number one publisher on Xbox One and PS4 in the West this fiscal year. It points out that Battlefield 1 has had 19 million players between the time of its release in October and March. This is a “50% increase over Battlefield 4”.

FIFA 17 also had a strong year with over 21 million players taking part in matches. Out of this number, more than 12 million players took part in the new story mode offered by the game.

Surprisingly, The Sims 4 also had a very positive year. The publisher has seen a 33% player increase each month. The report states that “The Sims 4 community is thriving” and is certainly seems that way.

However, there is some bad news. The EA earnings call report confirms that the new IP from BioWare has been delayed. The new game is now expected to launch in the 2019 fiscal year which is between April 2018 and March 2019.

The report states that the game has been delayed so they can work on the “social designs” within it. Sadly, the report doesn’t go into any detail about the upcoming game. It just states that they are “very pleased with the progress” of this new “action IP from BioWare”. According to the report, the game is built around a “live service” but it doesn’t go into any more detail.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the future of this new IP from BioWare.

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