The Elder Scrolls: Legends Receives New Expansion Coming in November

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The mobile card game based off of the acclaimed video game series, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has just received more information on the new expansion titled, Return to Clockwork City. Coming at the end of November, the new expansion will have fans returning to a fan-favorite location from the series.

With up to 55 new cards to collect as rewards, there are up to 35 more locations to experience. Constructing and building, creating strange machines, upon searching for rare loot, players will have more exciting features to keep Legends from stalling out.

Unique creatures may be found with descriptive lore about the Elder Scrolls universe will be discovered in the expansion as well. As the late god Sotha Sil’s grand workshop known as The Clockwork City, he spent his life creating new forms of life across the Elder Scrollls universe. Working close with the ancient intelligent life form, the Dwemers, among Sil’s most disturbing creation is the Fabricant.

Combined with a fusion of flesh and metal, there will be five cards featuring the hybrid creature. Each of the five cards pairs with each attribute and can provide rewards with played neutral cards. New features and rewards await with the addition of the new creature, The Fabricant.

Treasure hunting also becomes available in a new form with new adventurers looking for the best loot. During play, the treasure hunters will watch every players card draw in hopes of discovering the most prized possessions they have to offer. Plenty of new rewards, including the all-new Relic Card, help bring more loot and exciting features to the game.

One last addition to the game the expansion brings to the virtual table is the Assemble feature. By playing an Assemble creature, the player is then granted one of two bonuses which will then be used on that particular creature, as well as every Factotum, or humanoid constructs, found in that player’s hand.

The mobile virtual strategy card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, is available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. The new expansion to the game, Return to Clockwork City, will bring tons of new features and exciting gameplay mechanics on November 30th, 2017.

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