Elder Scrolls Online is free-to-play this week


Bethesda has just announced that “Elder Scrolls Online”,┬átheir MMORPG, is now free for one week, starting today. The full base game is now available for gamers to play on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 without needing to purchase any content. In addition to this, Bethesda is giving out a present to everyone who takes part in the free-to-play week.

Players will be receiving 500 Crowns for free which can be used in the in-game premium store to purchase cosmetics, pets and other items. In addition to this, Crown Packs are available to purchase at a discounted price. Players will also be able to purchase Crown Experience Scrolls and the Starter Pack from the in-game store at a discounted price for the full event. While Bethesda confirmed this in their blog post, the company didn’t reveal what this discount is so players will need to log into the game to check it out.

As to be expected, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is currently on sale at a discounted price on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and also on Steam. It’s also been confirmed that all progress made during this free event will be carried forward to the full game if the player decides to purchase it.

Surprisingly, anyone who has played an Elder Scrolls Online free event will be able to pick up from exactly where they left off. These players will keep all of their progress, Crown Packs and Crown Store items which were purchased during the last test. The progress from this event will also be saved for players to continue it at a later point.

The Morrowind expansion will be released for Elder Scrolls Online later this year in June. All players during the free event will be able to explore the content from the Homestead update and get their own free house.

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