Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Fable.. Which Is The Best RPG Game Ever?

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We’ve had a pleasure of playing spectacular RPG titles over the last 2 decades. Truth be told, it’s hard to find any serious gamer who doesn’t enjoy immersing himself in a fantasy world, developing a character and tackling epic quests.

With this vast experience on our side, the team at Raging Gazebo had a small discussion. We found it difficult to decide which RPG game is the best one ever. However, we were able to make a top 5 list, and determine some general stand-out qualities of each game. We’re letting you, the reader, decide in the comment section on which of these games is the best.

1. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

I know what you’re going to say. Why would we put Oblivion instead of Morrowind or the latest title, Skyrim? Well, what’s the best part of an Oreo cookie? The middle, that’s right! The same is true for the Elder Scroll franchise.

Morrowind stood out with its huge, open spaces ready for exploration. It was special because you actually had to use various clues and map info to reach your destination and solve quests. Skyrim on the other hand presents the best visuals and far better fighting mechanics.

So where does Oblivion fall into this story? Oblivion is large enough to spend hours on exploration, it has similar fighting mechanics to Skyrim but it also has a well written storyline and side quests. Skyrim lacks the storyline and it’s more of an eye candy, which is why Oblivion trumps it in the overall rating, and enters our top 5 RPG list.

 2. Fable: The Lost Chapters

There aren’t many games that can compete with the magical atmosphere of Fable. Although the sequels didn’t live up to the hype, the original Fable is a masterclass of storytelling and hits all the right buttons emotionally and gameplay wise. It has a decently long storyline and great replayeability.

The reason for that is the fact that your decisions matter. You can make morally sound or wicked decisions, and your choices change the world around you and the storyline. Coupled with unique visuals and fighting style, Fable definitely belongs on this list.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The grey haired metalhead is still as cool as ever, and we couldn’t pass on adding him to this list. Yes, Witcher 3 is part of a successful trilogy with a dynamic world filled with epic main and side quests.

It also has excellent visuals that make for the best fantasy medieval setting yet. Perhaps the greatest aspect of Witcher 3 is the spectacular realistic movement of characters during fight sequences. It’s definitely more realistic than Fable or Oblivion.

4. Mass Effect 2

This was another hard choice. We like all three Mass Effect titles, but the second one still edges out in the end. The whole galaxy is in danger, and you, the leader of human resistance have to find the elite fighters from other planets to help you defeat the terrifying Collectors, a species of inter-galactic slavers.

The miriad of choices in terms of both character development, fighting style and quests is what makes Mass Effect so interesting. Just like in Fable, your choices decide what your gameplay will ultimately be like. It’s an overall epic RPG and the third person team-based fighting dynamics make it different from the rest of the titles on this list.

5. Dark Souls III

While the previous titles can be fun for everyone, Dark Souls is far more hardcore. It’s a fantasy RPG which requires a lot of patience and perseverance. One fireball or a swing of the sword can take you out, no questions asked. There’s no potions laying around, or healing spells that can save you.

The battles are super-realistic, and respawning is something even the best players are forced to experience often. And still, it’s super addictive due to the sheer quality of the battles, the quests and the dark, gothic visuals. Dark Souls III takes the cake in front of its predecessors, as it’s essentially their upgrade in every aspect.


So there you have it. These 5 epic RPG’s are on our top 5 list. What is your take on this? Which of these 5 games do you feel is the best RPG ever? Let us know in the comment section below!

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