ESL Will Lift the Lifetime Ban On IBUYPOWER

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ESL (Electronic Sports League)  has announced that they’ve made the decision to lift the lifetime ban on players. The blog post from ESL specifically targets the ex-IBUYPOWER players when it mentions what players this change will affect. While it’s good news to many, some gamers will believe that ESL is in the wrong about this. Here are all of the details on these new changes.

The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) has ended its’ survey looking at community opinion on appropriate sanctions. Over 7,000 players took part in the survey. In addition to this, ESL also had various talks with professions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams about the same issues. As a result, the ESL has decided to align their official stance with the ESIC. All tournament rules will be updated on August 1st to reflect the ESIC recommendations. In addition to this, all lifetime bans on match-fixing players have been lifted.

Here’s now the ESL will be approaching these issues:

  • Match-Fixing/Betting Fraud: Results will be voided and a 5 year ban will be issued. However, in aggravating circumstances there will be a longer ban, money prizes will be forfeited, and there may be a monetary fine. When it’s discovered mid-tournament, the team will be disqualified.
  • Cheating: All those caught will be disqualified from the tournament, results will be voided and all money will be forfeited. In addition to this, there will be a minimum of a 2 year ban; however, this may increase to a lifetime ban depending on the player and the situation. Cheating at a professional tournament will result in a 5 year minimum ban.
  • Competition Manipulation and Bribery: The results will be voided, and there will be a ban of 1 or 2 years. Prize money will also be forfeited, and there may be a monetary fine. As expected, if this is caught before the end of the tournament then the team or player will be disqualified.
  • Doping with performance-enhancing substances: The player(s) will be banned for up to 2 years, money will be forfeited, and results will be voided. There will also be a disqualification if this is discovered during a tournament.

Second and later offences will be given much harsher sanctions. There is still the possibility of a lifetime ban for long-term offenders.


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