Eve: Valkyrie is Being Overhauled and Won’t Be VR Exclusive Anymore

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Developer CCP has revealed that they have big plans for the Eve Online spin-off game, Eve: Valkyrie. The game will be getting a full overall and the developers have also made a surprising announcement. It will be dropping VR exclusivity.

The new expansion is called “Warzone” and will be coming with a large number of tweaks for players to enjoy. The biggest change will be the ability to play the game on standard 2D screens in addition to VR. So a much wider audience will be able to play this game as a result. In addition to this, there will be cross-play between VR and non-VR players of the game. It’s currently uncertain if one side will have an unfair advantage over the other but we’ll find out relatively soon.

No matter what sort of screen people play on, they will all benefit from the following changes and improvements:

  • All ships will be unlocked early in the game
  • Each ship will have a clearer and more distinct role in the game
  • New abilities and weapons will be introduced
  • Special “Ultra” abilities are being introduced
  • A new gamemode called “Extraction” which is a capture the flag style mode
  • Two new maps called “Fleet” and “Outpost”
  • The Rewards System has been completely changed (there’s no more Gold and Silver is less common)
  • XP is now the sole currency for obtaining ship modifications
  • Salvage is the resource used to unleash the Ultra abilities
  • Players can now obtain a loot box like item called a “Reward Capsule”

Warzone will be coming as a free expansion for all Eve: Valkyrie owners. The expansion is coming later this year on September 26th and to match the release of the expansion, the developers are selling it at a discounted price. Which is perfect for those without VR and never picked up the game on PC or PS4.



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