Fallout tabletop game is coming this year


The first tabletop game for the Fallout franchise is currently in development. The game is called “Fallout: Wasteland Warfare”. England based tabletop game maker Modiphius Entertainment is working on the game and expect it to be ready for release by November.

The tabletop game will include factions, characters and iconic items from the Fallout series. The creator has confirmed that the 32nm miniatures will be made from “high-quality” resin.

According to the post on the Modiphius website, the game will feature a narrative campaign. There will also be random missions with narrative-style objectives. There will also be a Player vs Player and Tournament mode where players need to survive in the Wasteland.

However, the creator confirms that there will be a customizable solo-play AI deck. This deck will control enemies and replicate the tactics of another faction. There will also be a co-op play option. Players will be able to team up with a friend to defend a large settlement or play through narrative missions.

While the maker is yet to provide details on how the game will play, their blog post has given some insight. It looks as though the game will focus around defending a settlement or a narrative story. No details on this story have been released so far.

There will also be Organized Play Packs which will be available at launch. However, the maker has not explained what these Packs will contain. Details on the figures are still very limited at this time.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will be available for pre-order later this year in the summer. It’s currently set to release in November so more news should be released later this year.

We will update you when we learn more about this upcoming tabletop game. More news should be coming later this year and we will update you once we know more.

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