How Should Gamers Deal with Games that Have Loot Boxes?

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Loot Boxes have been causing a lot of controversy lately due to them being comparable to gambling. And Loot Boxes are definitely gambling in a way. You have to pay money towards a randomly generated digital box which might give you something good. So in that sense, a loot box is a form of gambling. Now that we’ve all agreed on this, what do we do about it?

Well, we can petition official rating boards to deal with the issue. However, they don’t see games in the same way that we do. As a result, they may not see loot boxes in the same way that we see them. So, in the end, they may rule that loot boxes aren’t gambling. When they in fact are.

Due to this then, gamers will need to deal with the issue of loot boxes themselves. While free to play games are required to sell in-game items to survive, pay to play games have already taken some of your hard earned cash in order for you to play the game. While them selling items in-game for money is debatable, loot boxes are something they clearly shouldn’t be doing. They should be left for the free-to-play games to utilize and utilize well.

Developers of pay to play games should be selling individual skins and things worth actually buying. Putting these items into a loot box and making players gamble for them isn’t right. So what can players do about this?

Firstly, you shouldn’t be paying any money towards loot boxes in any buy to play game. This is the big one, especially since it’s been revealed that players are still buying them despite the controversy. Yes, we all know that super rare skin looks awesome but surely you must understand that the chances of you getting that skin is extremely slim?

How do you think we should be approaching the issue of Loot Boxes? Let us know!


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