Gems of War Review (Mobile)

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Gems of War is a puzzle/RPG hybrid that is about to hit it’s third birthday.  If you’re into games that allow you to figure out refreshing puzzles and add an element of RPGs in building characters up to become more impactful, this is a game you would enjoy.  This game is produced by 505 Games, and they did a wonderful job in blending these genres to make a game that is pleasing and not a pay to win.

First, we look at the basic puzzle part of the game.  You match at lease three gems on your turn, with the ability to gain an extra turn if you can match four or more.  There are six colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Blue, and Yellow.  There is also a Skull gem that allows your first character to attack when you match at least three.  This is a traditional fun puzzle board, but it gets really interesting when you bring characters into the mix.

You are allowed four different characters that you can level up giving them additional stats in Defense, Health, Attack, and Magic.  They vary in rarity with different color schemes, but you can take a low rarity character and level them up to an epic character by sacrificing a similar character to level it.  On top of this, you can take each character and upgrade them with three distinct traits making them more valuable to your team of four.  That’s three different ways to advance your characters, by leveling up, rarity, and traits!

This is where the game becomes enjoyable.  The focus of the game is to put together a team of four so that you can go to different areas on the map and play through them.  The game also has a robust PVP system and a solid guild system.  All in all, I would give this game a 9/10, the only draw back being that there is no really good communication tools for guilds.

All in all, this is a must play game for a mobile device.  It’s one I recommend and has held my attention for some time now.  Thank you 505 Games for putting this one out!

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