We get our first look at the transporter room in Star Trek: Discovery

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In the newly revealed image we can see Michael Burnham and Captain Philipa Georgiou ready to beam to a new location. CBS is finally giving us the first look at the new transporter room in Star Trek: Discovery. It certainly looks very different to what we’ve seen in the past. So will fans be pleased by what they see?

The image in question is just below this paragraph. It’s taken from Entertainment Weekly who got an exclusive look at the image. It shows Michael Burnham and Captain Philippa Georgiou in position to beam to a new location. It’s also possible to see the new phasers in their holsters. These phasers look similar to those from the Original Series however, they are more gun-like in design.

This transporter room is apparently from the U.S.S. Shengzhou. So the one aboard the Discovery may look quite different. There are no images available yet for this ship so we’re left to imagine what it could look like. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that they’re wearing body armor in the above image. Clearly then the pair is beaming to a potentially hostile location or perhaps the transporters could be more dangerous. We just don’t know yet.

If you don’t like the look of the new transporter bay then that’s fine. This is only the one from the U.S.S. Shengzhou and we know the ship won’t be around for very long in the series. It will probably only be featured in one episode considering the show is focused around the U.S.S. Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery will be premiering on September 24th where it will air on TV. All episodes after this will be exclusive to CBS All Access in America. In the UK however, the show will be exclusive to Netflix.


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