Ron Howard to Take Over Directing of Hans Solo Movie

Star Wars

The untitled Han Solo film seems to be off to a shaky start. The two directors of the movie have just left the project, and a new director has joined the team. The cause of this seems to be “creative differences” which haven’t been fully explained yet. However, this usually means they were fighting too much to create the project.

A message was posted on the official Star Wars website earlier this week on Tuesday. It states that the untitled Han Solo film is moving ahead with a director change. It starts off by stating that previous directors Phil Lore and Christopher Miller are “talented filmmakers” however, they have “different creative visions on this film”. As a result, they have “decided to part ways” and a new director will be joining the project.

Yesterday it was announced that a new director has joined the project. Ron Howard is the new director of the movie. He tweeted on Thursday that he hopes to “honor the great work already done” and that he wants to “deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film”. He has previously worked on movies such as the 1995 Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and more recent titles such as Inferno and Heart of the Sea.

This director change came as a shock to all of Hollywood as replacing the director at this stage is almost unheard of. Pre-production for the movie is still underway and the team is preparing to move onto the production stage.

Despite this director change, the Han Solo movie is still expected to release some time in 2018. However, a projected release date is not yet available. Lucasfilm will most likely announce this later into the production of the new movie.


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