Harry Potter AR Game Confirmed!

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That’s right, our favorite magician Harry Potter is becoming a playable character once more. The creators of Pokemon Go are back with another project that has success written all over it.

In case you’ve played Pokemon Go, you definitely understand the concept. AR is basically the same gaming style used for Pokemon Go. You venture into real-life areas which resemble something entirely different on your mobile screen.

What Harry Potter AR Game Will Look Like

The gampleay of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is similar to that of Pokemon Go. You will venture with your Android supporting device into real-life areas which will be filled with various challenges.

Those can span from fighting magical AI enemies or dueling against other human wizards in the area. There will also be countless spells and epic quests throughout the journey.


Although we can’t say for sure, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will most likely have the same quality of graphics as Pokemon Go. The real attraction of AR mobile games are not really the visuals anyway.

As long as they stand true to the atmosphere of the Harry Potter universe, it will probably be more than enough to attract many gamers.

Release Date

The release date for this title is still unknown. There have been some suggestions by fans that it’s a few months away, but there’s no official confirmation yet. We just hope that they will polish the game properly so that we don’t end up fighting bugs instead of proper opponents.

Cool Harry Potter Games To Play While We Wait

With the release date still unknown, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some good old Harry Potter gaming while we wait. Here are some very entertaining Harry Potter games you’d likely enjoy.

Other Quality Harry Potter Games

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban is currently the best rated Harry Potter game out there. It was released in 2004. for PC, PS2, Xbox and GBA. It can also be played on newer Playstation and Xbox consoles.

It follows the story of the Prisoner Of Azkaban movie. You get to play as Harry, Hermione and Ron, developing their spells and various other skills in the search for the mass murderer Sirius Black.

A newer release from 2010., and equally entertaining is Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. This game is also available on PC and the major gaming consoles. The storyline covers the first four Harry Potter movies. With a huge amount of quests, puzzles and also a multiplayer mode, this game has huge replayablility value.

There is also Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. Released in 2011., it is a simple continuation of the same gameplay. These three games can definitely last you until Harry Potter: Wizards Unite comes out, and beyond.


Harry Potter is still one of the greatest movie and gaming franchises out there. The magical world of spell wielding scholars still attracts gamers from all age and experience brackets. With the augmented reality technology it’s bound to become even more popular.

Whether it will reach the popularity of Pokemon Go remains to be seen, but we’re definitely cheering on this ambitious project. Hopefully you’ve found this article entertaining and will tune in for new gaming articles in the future!


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