Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds Review

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Horizon Zero Dawn is arguably the best RPGs released on Playstation 4 this year. The captivating vast scenery, mixed with epic battles and a balanced skill tree are all part of its universal appeal.

Now that the Frozen Wilds expansion has come out as well, it’s the perfect time to introduce this awesome title to readers who might have missed it.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn mixes a variety of influences to create a very dynamic but ultimately fun world worthy of exploration. The main protagonist is a skilled hunter called Aloy.

Like most RPG protagonists, Aloy is thrown into the action from the get-go. You get to explore ancient tribal civilizations and recover lost artifacts that contain hidden powers. The fun is amplified as you pit against mechanized reptiles, bears, dragons and various mythical creatures.

What makes the world of Horizon Zero Dawn special is the combination of ancient culture and advanced technology. A combination of Jurassic Park and Gundam would probably not seem like a good idea, but the Guerilla developers managed to pull it off sublimly in this case.

Aloy’s Weaponry

There are various weapons and modifications you can use. Fighting against large mechs is no picnic, and Aloy is able to employ arrows, spears, explosives and various traps to destroy them.

The weapons can be upgraded by using the loot from destroyed mechs, and each weapon has a set amount of modification slots. Aloy can also use a small head piece to determine the weaknesses of her enemies.

With that being said, mechs are vastly different from one another. This makes each fight unique, depending on the enemy and the surrounding enviroment that you can use to your advantage.

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

So what does The Frozen Wilds expansion bring to the table? As the name suggests, The Frozen Wilds expansion unlocks a vast, frozen thundra that has it’s own peculiar challenges. It adds about 10-15 hours of additional gameplay. There are new enemies, three large bosses, and also a new storyline.

The storyline is based around an acient tribe known as Banuk that live in complete isolation. There are many interesting characters and dialogues to plow  through. The main goal is to find a shaman that lives on the outskirts of this world and retrieve an artifact that might bring balance to this troubled land.

As far as the character itself, we are treated by new upgradeable weapons and armour. There is also the addition of Bluegleam, a currency that is in short supply. It allows you to purchase quite extravagant gear from the local vendors.

The talent tree gets an upgrade as well, with a new Traveler skill tree. This skill tree is aimed at making the travel across vast stretches of land easier. For instance, it allows you to carry more items, procure resources while on horseback and similar practical skills.


If you’re a fan of RPG’s, it would be a shame to miss out on Horizon Zero Dawns. It can provide 50 or so hours of excellent questing and exploration, and has a decent replay value as well.

The Frozen Wilds expansion is not revolutionary by any means, but it builds up on firm foundations and doesn’t make any mistakes either. I hope this article and the images will make you check it out, and have a lot of fun in the upcoming weeks.

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