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Immortal Redneck is a fast-paced FPS game set in Egypt where the player must fight through rooms of enemies to reach the top of a pyramid. While the setting is very unique, it looks and feels like any other arena FPS game.

After a terrible accident, the player has been turned into an undead mummy and is forced to make run after run through the ‘tower’. In this case, the ‘tower’ is a pyramid filled with other undead mummies that are looking to kill the player. It’s a very simple premise and there’s no real plot developments as the game progresses but, the game doesn’t really need it. The gameplay itself is solid.

While the gameplay sounds simple, it’s actually very well designed. The game is built so the player becomes stronger each time they die. After every death, the player is able to spend the gold they earned by killing enemies during their last run. There’s a rather simple skill tree for players to explore and unlock new characters from. Each skill unlock gives the player new bonuses the are kept permanently.

To get gold however, the player needs to kill enemies. There are a variety of enemies in the game which all come with their own unique attacks and combat styles for players to learn and understand. As a result, there’s a lot to learn inbetween dodging and weaving around enemy attacks that come from every direction possible.

Combat is fast-paced and frantic at all stages of the game. It leaves little room for the player to ‘get used to’ the gameplay and thrusts players straight into the chaos. Once the player enters a room the door locks behind them. The only way to leave a room is to kill all enemies or die. It’s difficult enough to feel rewarding without being impossibly hard. It’s a great balance which suits the game nicely and is encouraging to new players who may struggle during the initial first hour of the game.

Immortal Redneck is a great FPS game and fans of this genre should definitely take a look at it. Especially now that the Steam Summer Sale has begun.


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