How to Install the Nexus Mod Manager

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Setting up the Nexus Mod Manager is pretty simple. However, it can look a little bit complicated if you have no one helping you with it. We’ve looked at plenty of Nexus Mods in the past for games such as Skyrim but today we’ll be walking you through the installation of the Manager.

Once downloaded, the Nexus Mod Manager will scan your hard drives for games that it supports. When the scan is completed you’ll want to select the Green tick beside the games you want to mod and the Red cross for games you don’t want the Manager to look for. The Nexus Mod Manager will list all the games it works will and will label games you don’t have installed as “Not Found”. If that’s wrong then you can browse to the location of the game to manually select it.

Now that the games have been selected for mod management, a summary screen will appear that lists the games selected. A new screen will appear then which lets you select the game you want to manage mods for or you can rescan your installed games.

Finally, you need to confirm where you’d like your mods to be stored. If you’ve downloaded mods from another website in the past then I’d suggest using that folder to keep them all in the same place. Otherwise, you should just use the default folder selected by the Manager. To accept this, just click on the “Finish” button.


The Nexus Mods Manager allows you to install and uninstall mods cleanly while also manage their load order. Which is perfect for those awkward mods that need to be loaded in a certain order to work correctly. Naturally, it also allows you to organise your mods and check for mod updates with a single click. Something which is very useful for games where some mods are being constantly updated.

Next time we’ll be taking a look at how to set-up the Nexuc¬†Mod Manage to work with Skyrim as it’s a little more complicated.

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