What kind of Xbox One gamer are you?


Windows Central has just released some details which provided a clearer view of Xbox One gamers. While this data is based on only 2000 responses from the US, it’s still very interesting to take a look.

Based on the responses, the study found that only 58% of Xbox One gamers are male. This means that 42% of gamers on this platform are female. To make things more interesting, the survey respondents also answered what age range they are.

The 25-34 age group was the biggest at 28%. It was shortly followed by 35-44 at 23% percent. Amazingly, only 10% of players fell into the 13-17 year old age range. This completely goes against the current stigma attached to the multiplayer games on the Xbox One.

Considering these numbers, it’s not surprising then that 45% of players responded that they live with their spouse. The runner up to this category was people who lived with their parents which was 23% of the respondents.

While this data is very interesting, there’s a little bit more also.

Another section of the article is dedicated to what groups the respondents fit into. According to the data gathered, 53% of gamers are interested in socializing which is defined as spending 17 hours on Xbox Live per week. Next to this was exploration where 49% of gamers play 15 games on average per year. The last group was for achievements at 31% which means those players had a gamerscore which was at least 2x as much as other players.

Microsoft research also separated players into 9 major segments about why they play video games. The data reveals some very interesting information about the preferences of gamers and why they play games. You can find full details on the statistics on the Windows Central website here.

If any more news is released about this we will be sure to provide you with updates.

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