The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok Forest

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We previously posted an article to help you traverse through the Lost Woods. To reach the Korok Forest you need to go through the Lost Woods but once here, you have several challenges to complete.

In order to reach the Korok Forest you must first travel through the Lost Woods. To do this, be sure to check out last guide here.

Master Sword

One of the first things you’ll see if the Master Sword standing in its resting place. You’re free to approach the sword and start pulling on it to free the blade. It’s only possible to do this successfully when you have 13 hearts however.


Hetsu the Korok

Once you’ve set Hetsu back home, he can be found near the Master Sword. If you missed him, he can be found on the road to Kakariko Village and will return home once you speak to him. In the Korok Forest, he will offer you the chance to complete a side quest. Completing this quest will permanently unlock several inventory slots.


The Korok Trials

Chio (near the entrance of the shops) will challenge you to complete three trials that send you back into the Lost Woods. They also come with their own unique challenges which will force you to approach navigating the Lost Woods in different ways.

Here are the different challenges:

  • The Lost Pilgrimage
  • Trial of the Second Sight
  • The Test of Wood

Completing these three optional quests will give the player a nice reward. Chio will give the player three Big Heart Truffles as a reward for completing the trials. These Truffles can be used to cook in dishes and add a large amount of temporary hearts to the health bar.

Here’s our article on how to defeat the Korok Trials.


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