The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Korok Trials Walkthrough


Once you’d found your way to the Korok Forest, Chio will send you out to complete several challenges. These trials send you back into the Lost Woods to explore and complete the trials. Completing these trials can be a pain but the reward of three Big Heart Truffles is a very nice one. If you’re having trouble with the trials, have no fear as we’re here to help.

Trail 1: The Lost Pilgrimage

The first trial sends you on a mission to follow Oaki without being detected. It sounds simple but it’s actually quite difficult so don’t feel disheartened if you struggle with it. To initiate the quest you must speak to Tasho.

First things first. Crouch down and consume any stealth bonus food or elixirs you have in your inventory. Also, equip any stealth armor or items you may have too.

Oaki will look behind him fairly often so many sure you keep a safe distance and watch his movements to let you know when to dive behind cover. However, straying from the main path too much will cause you to be overwhelmed by the thick fog which sends you back to the start.

Once you have this down, most of the trial will be smooth sailing. However, towards the end of it a wolf will emerge to frighten Oaki. If the wolf sees you then an enemy encounter begins and you lose the trial. As a result, you’ll have to start again.


Trial 2: Trial of Second Sight

This trial is more cryptic than difficult, if you don’t understand the message Zooki gives you then this is how you complete the challenge.

You can find this trial at the southwest exit of the Korok forest by speaking to Zooki who stands on a rock. The hint he gives you essentially means that you need to look out for beast-like trees with giant iron boulders in their mouths.

When you start down the trail, you’ll need to activate the Magnesis or Stasis rune so you can see the giant iron boulders better. Follow the path and you should reach a clearly with a rusty shield at the center. Pick it up with Magnesis then place it inside the mouth of the tree with a stone tablet at the base of it. This will cause a Treasure Chest to appear.

The Treasure Chest should also be picked up with Magnesis and then taken across the river. This can be done using the docked raft or the Cryonis rune. The chest must then be placed into the mouth of the tree to cause the Kuhn Sidaji Shrine to appear and you’ve completed the challenge.


Trial 3: The Test of Wood

This trial lacks the same difficulty of the previous two but demands something else from the player: resourcefulness.

It’s triggered by speaking to Damia who is at the eastern exit of the Korok Forest. For this trial, you must reach the shrine without breaking a single piece of equipment he gives you. The path is naturally filled with enemies then.

The trick here is to know when to fight and when to run away but most of the encounters here will force you to run away. Otherwise you run the risk of breaking a weapon and being forced to start all over again.

Perhaps the most difficult section of this is the large bog area. You’ll need to use the Cryonis rune to quickly cross through the zone. One you reach the Maag Halan Shrine, the trial ends.


Did you manage to complete the trials without any help? Let us know!


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