The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Traversing the Lost Woods


It’s easy to get lost in the Lost Woods so today we’ll be helping you out. This guide will help you find your way around the mist covered woods.

How to reach the Lost Woods

Getting to the Lost Woods is pretty simple. Follow the path past the Mishi Woods which is found in the northeast to the Hyrule Castle. If you reach the Death Mountain region then you’ve gone too far and will need to turn around to come back. Once you pass the Woodland Stable however, you’re on the right path.

Traversing the Lost Woods

While wandering the Lost Woods is very confusing at first, there’s actually a trick to this. If you run mindlessly through the thick fog, it will consume you and bring you back to the entrance.

You simply need to follow the flow of the fog particles in the air. This allows you to see the woods more clearly and lets you explore a bit more. However, the direction the wind blows actually changes as you progress through the woods. To deal with this, you’ll need to change direction a few times to get to where you’re going. Otherwise you’ll be consumed by the thick fog.

If you have trouble doing this then it’s possible to use a lit torch to make tracking the wind much easier.


Korok Forest

Making it through the Lost Woods will take you to a new location: Korok Forest. This forest is home to quite a lot of adventures, missions and tasks for players to complete. Korok Forest is also the home of the Master Sword and players will have the chance to pull the sword out of its resting place.

We have a more detailed guide on the Korok Forest here.


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