Lenovo To Introduce AR Headset for “Star Wars” Game

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Lenovo has made one of the most exciting announcements about a Star Wars game since the Atari days. At the D23 Expo today they announced that they have teamed up with Lucasfilm to create augmented reality headgear which will allow you use your smart phone to become a jedi.

No news yet on a release date for the headgear, but a new game has already been announced.  Jedi Challenges will use a motion controller in the shape of a lightsaber in addition to the augmented reality headgear to allow you to complete jedi training. It is being touted as “an app-enabled augmented reality experience.”  There are no screenshots or simulated game play available yet.  There is also no release date yet for the game, but the trailer (watch below) says it will be available at Best Buy and Lenovo.com.

You will also be able to play holochess, just like Chewie and Hans aboard the Millenium Falcon.  The most diehard fans will know that the term holochess actually applies to several games, but we’re assuming they mean just chess in this context.

This announcement will undoubtedly make the dreams of many Star Wars fans a reality.  How many times have we all dreamed of picking up a lightsaber and doing battle?  Now this dream is about to come true, at least as close as possible. You won’t be able to strike down Darth Vader in real life, but we here at Raging Gazebo foresee many a living room battle in the near future.

You can sign up on the Lenovo website to get updates when new details are released. You can also check back here at Raging Gazebo as we will be eagerly following this story. We will announce updates as they become available.

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