MMO ‘Tree of Life’ Starts New Special Event Running Now Into October

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The month old PC MMO – Tree of Life – has taken players on survival journey, creating their characters and exploring the deep and rich sandbox environments. Constructing your own forts and homes, you’ll encounter plenty of resources, enemies, allies and special events – like the new NPC character that will only appear for a limited time in the game.

In this unique MMO sandbox title, players are limited only by their imagination, building, defending and exploring all take the player on an exciting adventure. Shipwrecked on a deserted island, you’ll make your very own character bound by no pre-determined “skill classes” and give them the stats and skills to your liking. The game revolves around constructing your home in an enormous map, riddled with monsters and other online players starting a life of their own.

Sharing this open world online map creates a broad focus on team work and helping each other out. Work together farming in the fields, chopping down trees for wood, fishing, hunting wildlife, as well as tons of other survival actions. Treading off on your own is always an option, but pure isolation could lead to an unfavorable life style. Whether alone, or with friends, Tree of Life is looking like an impressively immersive MMO adventure.

Starting on September 25th 2017, a new special event will now be available until October 9th 2017. For two weeks a new NPC character will be added to the game world, sporting the October Feast costume as a part of the Barley Brew Fest event. Celebrating the October Festival, this character will only be around for the time the event is running.

If you’re a fan of huge open worlds to explore from a survivors standpoint, and constructing your own fortress, base or home piques an interest, then look for Tree of Life available on Steam. Act fast as the new special ‘Barley Brew Feast’ event is happening now for a limited time.

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