NES Classic Mini discontinued but the SNES Mini is coming


A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that the NES Classic Mini is being discontinued worldwide. This comes after the initial announcement that the company was discontinuing the device in North America. While this is bad news for some Nintendo fans, it’s been revealed that the company is working on a mini version of the SNES console.

In an interview with Eurogamer, a spokesperson had some very interesting things to say.  They stated that manufacturing is no longer in production and that there will be an update posted on the official Nintendo website if they decide to release more consoles.

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini had a 2016 release and the console immediately sold out across the world. It was shipped with 30 games pre-loaded on the device and could be plugged into most TVs. During the Christmas holiday period, the console was difficult to find despite Nintendo promising to re-fill stocks of the console.

While it looks like many gamers won’t get a Nintendo NES Classic Mini, new sources are claiming that Nintendo is planing something else. Nintendo will be following it up with a SNES mini. Eurogamer is claiming that the company will be releasing a brand new model of Mini Console.

According to these reports the new device will be releasing at the end of the year for Christmas. Details about this SNES Mini Classic are currently uncertain. It’s thought that Nintendo will be releasing it with several pre-loaded games also. However, the exact games are currently uncertain. Despite this, gamers should expect the console to come with various SNES classics.

Hopefully, Nintendo will have a larger stock for this new mini console. We will provide you with updates as we learn more information about the new console later this year. Nintendo should reveal the SNES Mini Classic properly later this year.

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