New Assassin’s Creed game will launch by March 2018

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Ubisoft has officially confirmed today that they are planning to release the new Assassin’s Creed game very soon. This news was shared as part of Ubisoft’s earning report yesterday.

The company also posted a short teaser GIF onto Twitter. The GIF shows the game’s logo with the phrase “A new era begins” underneath. The tweet was also accompanied by a short statement which says “Sharpen your blade. The Assassins will soon step out of the shadows.” While this is good to build hype, it doesn’t reveal any new information.

The Ubisoft earning report however, does share some new information.

During the earning conference call, Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez suggests that the game will have some kind of live element to it. This has become a common and major component in other Ubisoft games such as “Rainbow Six Siege,” “For Honor” and “The Division.” CEO Yves Guillemot also reveals that the game will be getting a reveal soon. However, he didn’t comment on whether or not the series would return to an annual release date.

The press release for the Ubisoft earning report states that 2017-18 is the release frame for the new “Assassin’s Creed,” “Far Cry” and “South Park.” It also reveals that Ubisoft is planning to make a comeback with their racing game “The Crew” and that a new game could be coming within the next year.

In the press release, Guillemot states that the company has a new business model. He also adds that this revision gives them “greater visibility for meeting our targets” while also being “more profitable” despite being “less exposed to new releases.”

Ubisoft goes on to state that they have four major AAA titles coming in the next year. These will be three current franchises and also a new brand which is yet to have a reveal.

More news about “Assassin’s Creed” and other Ubisoft games should be coming in a few weeks during E3. We will provide you with updates as we learn more about these games. We will also be covering E3 so check back from June 10th for the latest news.

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