New Platformer ‘Fjong’ Heads to Steam, Available Now

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Another platformer landed on Steam this week and this one looks to be one of the “sweetest” yet. Take to the skies and stuff your faces full of magical candy in the imaginative and creative world of – Fjong.

With the help of your friends, you’ll guide Fjong along a journey to reach the sky with the most delicious and tooth rotting way possible – by eating magical candy, of course. Jumping through 20 different levels, you’ll save your trapped friends and scout for candy. With 3 different bird-like creatures to control, their only wish is to fly, but the seems impossible with their tiny, unflappable wings.

Throughout the game, the levels provides trivial platforming and unique mechanics for taking to the skies. By eating the magical candy, Fjong mysteriously inflates like a balloon and may traverse the aerial environment through candy flotation. Exploring the creative world with these quirky and entertaining game controls looks refreshing and simple.

The game features intuitive gameplay controls different playable characters, each played as different sizes and colors. If playing with a mouse, Fjong approaches this method with a simple 1-button mouse controls, keeping the player focused on the delightful graphics and game physics.

Like the beloved Super Mario series, you may collect a specific number of stars in each level, all for completing various tasks found across the game. On top of the 60 initial stars, 20 more are available for more experienced players looking for new challenges. Various tasks and levels keeps this platformer fun and entertaining throughout the story, and serves as a charming title in anyone’s platforming collection.

Fjong brings cutesy platforming puzzles and entertainment to your PC library, and adds unique gameplay mechanics to the already addictive genre. For charming artwork, a delightful story and loveable characters, look for Fjong in the Steam Store and add this casual and colorful platformer to your collection today.

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