Next free weekend game for Steam announced


Valve has announced that the next game for the free weekend is “Guild of Dungeoneering.” Gamers will be able to play this game all weekend for free and explore everything it has to offer. To make things even better, this game has just received a new game mode.

This new game mode is called “Trophy Trial” and is described as being “all or nothing.” According to the blog post on Steam, this is a “special highscore challenge mode” which is separate to the main campaign. This mode is free for all owners of the base game and does not require any of the DLC’s to work.

Players select the region they wish to play in then select which Dungeoneer they want. Players must then take their chosen Dungeoneer though a series of difficult boss fights. “As usual, you start each boss fight at level 1 and need to level up and find the right equipment to emerge victorious.” Defeating a boss rewards the player with a Trophy which goes towards their high score. However, each boss is more difficult than the last.

It’s possible to carry on through the boss fights or turn tail and run back home. Going home will allow the player to keep their Trophies while dying will result in no score or Trophies.

According to the blog post, “it’s all about knowing when to quit.”

If you’d like to check out Guild of Dungeoneering, you can find it on Steam for free here.

The game will be free to play until Sunday May 21st at 1PM Pacific Time. The game will remain on sale until 10 AM PT on Monday.


In addition to this, there’s a range of games currently on sale this weekend including Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and the entire Call of Duty franchise is on sale at 50% off.

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