Nintendo Reveals 20 More Indie Games for the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo held another Nindies presentation yesterday. The presentation highlighted 20 games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and confirmed the release date for Steamworld Dig 2.

However, there was some disappointment among fans when there was no news about Stardew Valley. Many indie games that are coming to the Switch still don’t have release dates. This would have been the perfect opportunity to announce them or their release periods. Despite this, the video presentation from Nintendo was still a success. Many new interesting games were announced and several very diverse games also. Nintendo is definitely looking to make their line-up more diverse this year.

The Nindies video presentation had plenty of unique and diverse games to show us. The highlights seem to the sequel to Super Meat Boy, the new No More Heroes game and the surprise shooter game Morphies Law. There was much more than just these games however so be sure to check out the trailers and the full showcase at the end of the article.

Here are all the games from the video presentation and their trailers. Check them out and let us know which one(s) you’re looking forwards to in the comments!

Super Meat Boy Forever – 2018


Shovel Knight: King of Cards – Early 2018


Mom Hid My Game – Late 2017


Golf Story – September 2017 (Switch Exclusive)


Floor Kids – Holiday 2017


Wulver Blade – September 2017


Poly Bridge – Holiday 2017 (Console exclusive)


Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition – Early 2018


Earth Atlantis – This Fall


Next Up Hero – Early 2018 


Steamworld Dig 2 – September 21st


Mulaka – Early 2018


Yono and the Celestial Elephants – October 12 (Switch Exclusive)


Dragon Marked for Death – Winter (Switch Exclusive)


Battle Chef Brigade – Holiday 2017


Morphies Law –Winter 2017 (Switch Exclusive)


Sausage Sports Club – Fall 2017


Light Fingers – Early 2018


Nine Parchments – Holiday 2017


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – 2018 (Switch Exclusive)


If you want to watch the entire Nindie showcase you can do so here or you can find the livestream VOD here.

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