Nintendo Switch Dominated PS4 in Japan During the First 26 Weeks of Sale

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Japanese website 2ch has revealed how the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 stack up in terms of their first 26 weeks of launch in Japan. These numbers are sure to surprise some of you however, they’re actually not that surprising at all.

Here’s the comparison image of the two consoles

For those who don’t speak much or any Japanese just know that the ”  週 ” character means “week”. So the top left reads ” Week 1″ and so on.

Based on this data, it’s clear then that the Nintendo Switch was outselling the PS4 during their initial release periods. The total sales for the PS4 in Japan was 665,760 units sold. This is a very healthy number and the PS4 has made an incredible comeback since then. However, within the same time period the Switch sold 1,527,962 units during those 26 weeks.

The release periods were nearly identical for the two consoles in Japan. Nintendo released their console in March, and the PS4 (released in November in North America) was released at the end of February. One could argue that the hype for PS4 started in November in Japan as well, leading up to the release date in February, but this still didn’t help it’s numbers in comparison to the Switch. Considering how popular the Switch is already, take a moment to think about how the console will sell during the end of the year with Christmas.

These numbers are also just for Japan, we currently don’t have any numbers for the rest of the world. If it’s half as good as Japan though then Nintendo has a real winner on their hands. Especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas coming within the next few months.

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