Now Hiring: NexusMods Looking for UI Designer/Front End Developer in UK location

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Talented game designers, tech developers and creative minds haul in for a look at a new job opening in the mod-nation of gaming. Nexusmods – popular hub for all of the top mods in gaming – are looking to add a new member(s) to their roster.

The application can be found on the Nexusmods website, as well as a list of requirements, bonus skills and an overall outlook on the job. UI designers will be responsible for creating the new “Vortex” application, which will replace the old Nexus Mods Manager.

Anyone skilled enough or looking to break into the design/programming industry, located in the UK, is eligible to apply and will be working on the website along with the new application. With well over 400 games on file, over 13 million members logging in a whopping 2.1 billion downloads, Nexusmods and the staff around it ambitiously serves the modding community.

With an enormous gaming library of popular titles, ranging from Gran Theft Auto V to Medal of Honor, The Witcher 3 to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Nexusmods has a hefty workload, it’s no wonder why they need an extra hand to fill in the gap. Hosting every game with mods, and the future of modding only deepening, the new position seems like a great start for a promising career.

The job posted will be responsible for both the UI and UX of the new Vortex application, as well as the Nexus Mods website, flexing creative vision for the future look of the site and application. You’ll also be joining the expert developer teams from the site and apps.

Designing the popular modding website, creating the various interfaces for millions of viewers to see, using required experience in HTML/CSS/JS and putting good use to various modding and gaming knowledge await at the opening spot at NexusMods.

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