Omensight Review – Kill, Investigate, Repeat

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Do You Have What It Takes To Save Urralia?


Omensight is a unique blend of hack and slash style action with an investigative spin on story telling. The murder mystery approach to invoking a plot twisting narrative is an exciting format to tell the tale of the fantasy world that surrounds the characters, only slightly suspended by a few minor drawbacks throughout the entire game.



Players take on the role as The Harbinger – a sentient being only appearing once the world has met its final day. The Harbinger is the world’s final chance at stopping the evil forces at ending life as we know it; and it will take an intriguing process of uncovering one clue after another to ensure the void is dispelled and locked away for good.

Becoming The Harbinger

The game centers itself around a thrillingly strategic style of combat with the usual light/heavy attacks and dodge button combinations thoroughly engaging players in rewarding combat. The Harbinger character will unlock a handful of useful abilities purchased with a specific experience point system, as well as purchasing new skills via a currency collectible. Unlocking new combat enhancing skills and slashing your way through enemies, however, may be the a large brunt of Omensight’s gameplay but hardly the only enticing aspect.


You are The Harbinger – a mythical warrior who appears only when the world is nearing its end.


Early on players will find themselves amidst a story taking many different sides featuring four main characters that all seem to have their own story to tell. The game picks up when The Harbinger takes on the ability to travel back in time to the start of the last day of the world, looking for any clues for discovering the truth behind the appearance of the dark God destined to end all life in the land of Urralia. Reliving the same day over and over becomes a tedious task, but manages to create an insightful turn of events nearly every time The Harbinger pushes forward for answers.

Along with retrieving the final day’s events again and again, players will find themselves fighting alongside one of four different characters – each with their own side of both the main story, as well as the ongoing civil war within the land of Urralia. Each character will take you to new areas and help unravel new pieces of information which eventually leads up to the game’s final moments of closure. This is where Omensight turns into a clever murder mystery revolving around the disappearance and murder of the Godless Priestess, Vera – a major factor in the revival of the dark God, Voden.


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Saving the Future of the World with a Vision Called – Omensight

Players will discover hidden truths about each character centering around Vera in one way or another, eventually gaining what’s called an omensight – a quick vision of monumental breakthroughs within the story – and showcasing these pieces of omensight to each character will help take The Harbinger to new depths of the story unlocking more knowledge of the travesty at hand.


Players will team up with several, very different characters all with varying personalities and links to the murder of the Godless Priestess.


Though Omensight provides players with a pleasant take on problem solving, character interrogation and exciting combat, you will find yourself amongst a rather repetitive set of level design. While the game’s core isn’t focused on the handful of levels you’ll repeatedly play through, but rather the intriguing plotline setting off one twist after another, it doesn’t always provide a riveting experience. You’ll venture through the same areas time and time again trying to take a different approach after learning crucial bits of information, which in the end leaves little to the imagination when meagerly exploring each level.

However, that’s not to say Omensight is a boring piece of story telling and adventure. Occasionally you find locked areas hidden behind specific seals usually protecting loot chest full of the game’s currency, or side paths to help get around a certain area altogether. Learning how to unlock each seal will come naturally through your progression, giving a bit less predictability to the repeating levels throughout the story.


Omensight uses a brilliant vector-like art style that shines beautifully throughout the adventure.



Omensight doesn’t exactly provide a varying take on the hack and slash action of combat, but does, in fact, require a bit more strategy to the battle ground. The uniqueness of using your wits to solve the case and preventing the last day of the world is an enticing objective, and the colorful cast of characters helps keeps things entertaining and equally vivid.
Taking on the vibrant role of the silent Harbinger character places players into a world full of war, turmoil and revenge.


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Final Grade

Experiencing each character’s expanding story arc by reliving the final day of the world over and over delivers an exciting new method of investigating and mystery solving. Absorbing the trust of certain characters over others creates a mild personal experience to go along with the investigative properties of Omensight; and organizes a fascinating story nonetheless.

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