Outlast 2

Outlast 2 issues with the Australian release have been explained


Outlast 2 was effectively banned in Australia earlier this month when the classification board refused to classify the game. According to the original reports, the game contained scenes of implied sexual violence which made the game unsuitable for a R18+ rating and caused it to be banned. The situations seems to have resolved itself now and the publisher has explained what happened.

The Australian Classification Board confirmed last week that Outlast 2 had been classified as a R18+ game with warnings of “high impact horror themes, violence, blood, gore and sex”. The original factor for the game not being classified was scenes of “implied sexual violence” which caused the board to refuse classification. This seems to have been fixed however and the Australian publisher has explained what happened.

18point 2, the Australian publisher, explained to GameSpot what happened with the game originally. The ban was due to a mistake where the classification board was given a video file taken from the Alpha version of the game. The video file was not a “representative of the final game” and “should not have been sent”. This confirms that there was a mistake made when the game was first submitted.

When the game was resubmitted, it was sent with a new video file which represented the final game. As a result, the game was given an R18+ rating and is the exact same version as the rest of the world. The publisher emphasized that there is only one version of Outlast 2 and that this version will be available for worldwide release.

This is very good news for Australian horror fans, as it means the highly anticipated game will be released next month. Outlast 2 will be released next month on April 25th while the Australian release seems to be slatted for the 26th.

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