Peppermint oil, as a bug spray?


With Christmas being right around the corner, everything is about to take on an element of peppermint. We are about to be inundated with peppermint coffee, cookies, room spray and even the little round candies. But did you know peppermint can also serve a very important function around the house? Turns out, peppermint makes a very effective bug spray.

I live somewhat in the country. We have what country folk call wolf spiders around our home and sometimes they make it inside. These guys are huge, hairy, and ugly. For someone like me, already seriously arachnophobic, these guys are practically panic inducing. When I tried to get rid of them, like most people, I immediately reached for a can of bug spray. However, since getting into a natural life style, I decided to find a natural alternative. Traditional bug spray is full of extremely harmful chemicals. Think about it, you spray these chemicals on the floor, walls, and generally around your home, then let your pets and children touch these very surfaces. Just imagine the chemicals being ingested and the harm they are doing.

,There is a better way. Bugs, especially spiders, hate the smell of peppermint. They absolutely cannot stand it. In fact, they will run away from it. If it is sprayed on a doorway or entrance, they won’t be able to cross the barrier. This makes it a very effective form of bug spray, without all the harmful chemicals. Follow these steps to make your own peppermint bug spray.

  1. Gather your ingredients. You will need a spray bottle (usually found at any beauty supply or drug store or just reuse an old cleaning bottle), enough water to fill the bottle, and peppermint essential oil.
  2. Fill the bottle with water, leaving about a half inch at top to allow for mixing.
  3. Add about 20 drops of peppermint essential oil to the bottle. You can do a double dose (40 drops) for the first application. This will make the bugs run for the hills.
  4. Attach spray top and close securely.
  5. Shake well to mix oil and water. Yes, it mixes about as well as oil and water. Just shake it up as best you can and shake again every few minutes while applying.
  6. Spray generously to doorways, windows, air grates, anywhere a bug can get into your house. The mixture is clear. I have not had any issues with staining, but you may want to try spraying a small area first to make sure it won’t stain paint or wood.
  7. Enjoy your bug free home!

The only downside I have found to this method is that the effects only last about a week or so. You will need to reapply this solution weekly to keep bugs at bay. However, you can keep a bottle of the peppermint spray mixed. Just shake well before spraying. I have also found this works as a great fabric spray when guests are coming. Again, test a small area for staining first. I have had many compliments on how great my house smells after using this spray. I always laugh to myself that they are complimenting me on my bug spray.

By Crunchy Nurse

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