Phoenix Point is almost 59% crowdfunded after just one day

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Phoenix Point is an upcoming turn-based strategy game that comes from X-COM series creator Julian Gollop and his team.  The strategy game is coming to life by means of crowdfunding. Phoenix Point is set after a strange virus is released by melting permafrost. This strange virus has a massive genome and only 1% of it matches existing databases. Naturally, only bad things can come from it. The sea is transformed and the virus begins invading the land via an “airborne microbial mist”.

According to the Fig crowdfunding page the game takes place in 2057, over 30 years after the mist took the Earth. As a result, the human population has been almost wiped out and survivors live in isolated locations around the world. A few factions control these human populated zones and have different ideologies. However, they’ve all come together for the Phoenix Project.

The Phoenix Project is a worldwide organisation created to fight the threat. The player will be taking control of one of the cells in the organisation. Strangely though, the players cell loses all communication with the other cells and the player must discover what happened to them.

Just like the X-COM series, the game will be turn-based. Battles in the game will also be squad based. The player will be able to direct the movements of each character during combat. However, the developer hasn’t released much information about the combat systems.

Phoenix Project is currently being crowdfunded on Fig where users can pledge different amounts to the game. Users can pledge at least $30 to pre-order a copy of the game. In addition to pledging money, it’s possible to invest in the game. The developers are asking for $500,000 to make the game but they’ve already collected 59% of this. The crowdfunding project will continue until June 8th so it’s safe to say the game will be fully funded by then.

The Fig page for the game states that the game will be released by 2018.

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