Pimax: The World’s First 8K Resolution VR Headset

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Chinese based VR headset manufacturer Pimax has just released the preview of their Kickstarter page for their brand new VR headsets. The Pimax 8K and 5K headsets push the boundaries of what gamers can experience. However, these headsets aren’t true 8K or 5K but they are pretty powerful and aim to involve peripheral vision for the first time in VR history.

Both headsets use a higher resolution than currently available in commercial VR headsets. In addition to this, they have a much higher field of view (FOV) than other headsets. With the Pimax headsets, the FOV is 200 degrees which is almost the entire 220-degree natural range of a human eye. The standard VR headset only uses a 110-degree FOV.

The preview for the Kickstarter campaign claims that the team has removed motion sickness which is “often associated with longer exposure to a virtual environment”. It certainly sounds very promising but there’s no way to know for sure until the first products begin to be dispatched to backers and buyers.

Pimax states they have also addressed the “screen door effect” which is a “phenomenon where the eye can detect the fine line between pixels in an image”. With their 8K VR headset, this will never be a problem again “thanks to our awesome 2*3840×2160 resolution”. Which means each eye has a 3840×2160 resolution screen.

For those concerned about the content for the headset, don’t be. It’s compatible with 1,700+ games from various mainstream VR platforms including the Oculus Rift and Steam VR.

For those more technologically inclined, here are the specs for the 8K resolution device.


While the manufacturer has also announced a 5K resolution VR headset, we currently don’t know anything about this device. Hopefully, the creator will unveil more news fairly soon. The 8K headset, however, is thought to have a February 2018 release date.


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