Playstation And Nike Unveil The PG 2.5 x Playstation Colorway Sneaker


Taking A Step Towards The Retro Era


In a blog post at NBA All-Star , Paul George, has officially revealed the collaborative follow-up Playstation themed sneaker, the PG 2.5 x Playstation Colorway.



The original Playstation designed basketball shoe comes in the classic Playstation gray with the “PG” logo on right foot tongue and the retro Playstation logo on the left. The main difference between the PG 2 Colorway, which released earlier this year, and the new PG 2.5 is the tight-fitting strap that stretches across the laces.

Other flashy Playstation icons are scattered throughout the Nike sneaker design, with the easily recognizable button symbols flourishing across the back half of the shoe and the previously mentioned tightening strap. The vintage color scheme also stays present in the new shoe design in subtle fashion with alternating colored shoestring loops.

The Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard Paul George has self-described himself as a loyal Playstation fan since his “earliest days of gaming”, and has this to say about the latest gaming/sneaker collaboration:

“This time around, I wanted to take the design old school, back to my earliest days of gaming. For me – as I’m sure many of you can relate – those memories date back to the original PlayStation. Working with Nike and PlayStation, we focused on bringing that original PlayStation inspiration to life in this new design(…)This collaboration is very special and personal to me. I’ve been a PlayStation fan ever since I was kid, so I’m excited about continuing to partner with a brand that I grew up loving.” – Paul George, Oklahoma City Thunder

The new Nike sneaker will be available on December 1st, 2018. You can download the Nike app to stay updated on the upcoming PG 2.5 x Playstation Colorway by Nike.



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