Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza

Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza event has started


Niantic has just announced that a brand new Pokemon Go event has begun. This event is to celebrate the Easter period and will last for a full week. It’s focused around hatching eggs and players will be getting a much wider variety of Pokemon from the basic 2 km eggs in addition to earning more Candy for each hatch. As a huge bonus, Niantic has confirmed that players will also be getting double XP during the course of this event.

In addition to this, a reddit user has reported that players will now be able to get second generation starter Pokemon from 5 km eggs. The post confirms that players can finally hatch the starter Pokemon from generation 2. A second reddit user confirmed this when they hatched a Cyndaquil from a 5 km egg. While there have been no reports yet of a Chikorita being hatched from an egg but it’s assumed that this starter Pokemon can now also be hatched. Niantic hasn’t released a statement to confirm this just yet however.

The developer has released a post to announce the Eggstravaganza event however. The blog post confirms that the event will be ending at 1:00 PM PDT on April 20th next week. Until then, players will be able to find a wider range of Pokemon in 2 km eggs. While this is great news for fans of the game, Niantic hasn’t provided a list of all these Pokemon. There is currently a reddit post which is collecting the names of all the new Pokemon which are hatching from 2 km eggs.

Here’s a full list of what’s included in this new event:

  • Greater variety of Pokemon in 2 km eggs
  • More Candy for every egg hatch
  • Double experience points with 4x experience boosts from Lucky Eggs
  • 50% off Lucky Eggs in the store

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