Most Popular Mods in September for TES V: Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

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Bethesda created a monster when they released the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. Now entering its 6th year of release come this fall, players are still pouring hours into the Dragonborn’s journey, many of which indulging in the vast amount of mods available. Here are a few of this week’s most popular mods for Skyrim SE on PC.

High Poly Project

This graphical enhancement mod draws from the mega popular Static Mesh Improvement Mod created for the original Skyrim title. The High Poly Project is an ongoing craft and further increases the sometimes sloppy meshes found in thousands of objects found throughout Skyrim SE. Compatible with all other known texture mods, add this to the list for even more enhanced Skyrim graphics.

Dragonfall Castle SE

This grand castle can be found in The Rift and is available for a purchase of 50K coins. On top of this luxurious Dragonfall Castle mod to call your home, it’s also companion and adoption friendly. Tons of rooms and 19 NPCs are littered throughout this enormous castle and is sure to add not only a bit of flair to your Skyrim lifestyle, but some scenic eye candy for weary travelers.

Improved Roads

This mod improves the desolate and often repeated roadway systems connecting each major city. Taking away the same animals that attack in the same spot and adding various travelers, produce delivery wagons, roaming bandits that hide along the roadway during the night and armed guards who travel along the road during the day. The Improved Roads mod is sure to bring a lot more life and diversity into your Skyrim experience.

Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues

If you’ve played through the Dawnguard DLC you’ll know that specific unique items become locked based on which path you choose to follow. With this Epilogue mod, a new quest is added for either side of the questline leading the player to the items otherwise missed and locked out in the base game. This mod is ideal for those frustrated completionists searching for all of the unique items the world of Skyrim has to offer.

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