Possible New Blizzard Game Needs a Programmer That Knows Vehicles

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The as-yet-unannounced new Blizzard game is looking for a programmer, but not just any programmer. The new Blizzard game apparently needs someone who knows how to do vehicles in a game.

In what is an interesting bit of news concerning the mysterious new Blizzard game, a new job listing on Blizzard’s corporate website needs someone proven experience “in vehicle handling and with real-time rigid body physics and dynamic forces.”

The programmer must also be comfortable working in an existing coding environment. In other words, the new Blizzard game may use technology that the company already has.

Job listings about the same unannounced new Blizzard game last year sought programmers comfortable designing a robust first-person engine. This recalls Blizzard’s popular title Overwatch, a new Blizzard game that started out as MMO project Titan.

New Blizzard Game News Often Found in Job Listings

Blizzard has a history of hinting strongly at what directions a new Blizzard game will take through job postings and company needs.

The company issued a statement then about the unannounced new Blizzard game.

The statement to IGN read in part “We’re always working on different ideas behind the scenes, usually on the side or in smaller groups until we decide to move forward, and every now and then we look to bring in talented people to help move some of those along. We appreciate your help getting the word out—we’re expecting to post multiple openings for different projects in the coming months. That said, we don’t launch projects until we feel they match the vision we’re going after, so there’s always a risk that a project will be shelved or cancelled no matter what state it’s in. Because of that, we generally don’t make any announcements until we’re locked in on a project and it’s far enough along that we feel it’s ready to be revealed.”

Back then IGN was looking at several job listings on Blizzard’s website. The listings hinted at a new Blizzard game that needed a top-notch team to design a robust first-person engine. Job listings also discussed an engine that could be ported to multiple platforms. This was taken as a clue that a PC and gaming console development plan was in place for the new Blizzard game if it existed.

New Blizzard Game or New Overwatch Features?

As the job posting was listed well after Overwatch’s release, speculation that the team could be related to that game is limited. It would seem the new Blizzard game will offer a new experience entirely.

The latest reveal that Blizzard needs a programmer experienced with vehicle physics has returned speculation to this new Blizzard game being some kind of expansion on Overwatch rather than a new game entirely.

This follows an October 10, 2017 job posting seeking an artist that was familiar with the Overwatch universe. While it is interesting that these two postings have followed one another, it is no guarantee that one has ties to the other.

A New Game or Just New Gaming Options – the Overwatch Connection

For example, a new Blizzard game using a first-person engine across multiple formats could signal any range of games, from an attempt at making an open-world RPG like Bethesda to some kind of iteration on a known universe. The possibilities are about as endless and numberless as the assumptions people are making about this job posting. One thing we do know is that the addition of vehicles to Overwatch would be big.

Really big, in fact.

This would point to the project being entirely related to Blizzard’s Overwatch series. While a new Blizzard game is certainly a sexier story, it cannot be more exciting than a change to Overwatch.

Adding vehicles to Overwatch might be the biggest news of all. Considering how much such a change would shake things up, part of me is hoping that’s what is going down.

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