Precision Driven 2D Platformer – Super Lumi Live – Available Now on Steam

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Available now on Steam – Super Lumi Live – gives players a challenging 2D platforming that requires a precise controls and quick skills to complete this fast-paced action title.

Be prepared to summon your inner Mega Man and other difficult 2D abilities, because Super Lumi Live takes the quick jumping platforming mechanics to another level. This simple to use but tough to master gameplay style provides fluid movement across dangerous and threatening levels.

Presented in a ultra-colorful neon palette, the player glides across the screen hopping over traps and spikes trying to reach the end of the level in a challenging ‘speed-run’ type style. With the help of the unique double jump ability, players are able to extend their leaping distance to further lengthen your ability to escape dangerous situations.

Rush through death-defying levels to upbeat synthesizer and electronic based music, through a world created with hard edges and bright neon colors. Spike pits, various shapes of lasers and quick enemies looking to end your run, Super Lumi Live represents the modern platformers in a much more precise manner.

Through the entirety of Super Lumi Live, you can expect to play through up to 60 different levels featured across six different worlds. Speed running through the area may seem like the top priority, but optional collectibles and items to unlock bonus levels are also present in many parts of the adrenaline-pumping game.

Exploring the levels and finding items that may shift gravity in an alternate direction, or hidden exits to help finish the level giving a much more time efficient run are other reasons to shift the game to a slower pace – only for a moment – and take in what the electrifying title has to offer.

Super Lumi Live is now available on Steam, releasing September 5th, and is looking to bring back the tough-nosed platformers from the classic NES days.

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