Preview of the 8-Bit Platformer – Super Mighty Power Man – Now Live on Kickstarter

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Bringing Back the Glory Days of 2D Platforming


The retro nostalgia of 8-bit platformers is something that lifelong gamers cling to almost instinctively. There are plenty of 2D sidescrollers to choose from on just about every gaming system known to man, but few look to touch that throwback feel of the original NES days, but Box Hedge Games is willing to give it a go with their latest project – Super Mighty Power Man.

Like something right out of the definitive Mega Man series, SMPM is bringing back the meticulously timed, increasingly frustrating platforming stylings of Nintendo’s Blue Bomber. Created by a team dedicated to creating an experience similar to the ones that began their long road into the broad world of video games – Box Hedge Games is looking to bring back a time when games were more about skill and practice, and less about cinematics and QTE.

The levels are brimming with varying monsters and flurry’s of dangerous obstacles.
A Passion for the Classics

With Super Mighty Power Man as their first official release under the new studio title, Box Hedge founders Alessandro and David are long-running veterans in the game development community. Working on popular titles, such as Test Drive Unlimited, Spyro the Dragon, Assassin’s Creed and The Sims, just to name a few, this small indie team is looking to take both new and old gamers alike down the path of the retro platformer.

Reminded by times of all-nighters with siblings and neighborhood buddies, SMPM is nothing short of the same jumping, shooting and dodging 8-bit title, with the same practiced methods of yesteryear. However, things certainly have changed for the genre since the 80s, so to keep up with the times this 8-bit platformer will also be loaded with all-new mechanics and power ups we all wish were in the original Rocketman series.

Save Earth, Explore the Galaxy in an Authentic, NES Styled Adventure

Play as the gutsy adventurer known as Corey and take on tons of vicious monsters and dangerous obstacles in a galaxy facing turmoil. Taking charge with the help of the useful tool known as The Power Grasp, Corey will embark on an adventure through space, laying waste to the hordes of monsters standing in his way. Taking on the role to help defend Earth, SMPM, or Corey, is up for the fight of his life, but he knows he won’t be able to accomplish this alone.

Backed by his faithful – yet uncoordinated – robot companion, Robby, Corey will wield his unique abilities granted from The Power Grasp, and destroy the menacing villain, General Mok. Through an extensive array of unpredictable worlds, Corey’s special skill to morph into one of many power suit forms comes from the ability to merge with other lifeforms.

Face off against harrowing bosses equipped with many different weapons and skills.

Sticking to the original NES color palette, the pixellated retro graphics are chalked full of authentic animations in the lively worlds found in SMPM. With carefully crafted sprites, level designs and animations, the high quality of designs is similar to popular titles like Battletoads, Batman: Return of the Joker or Kirby’s Adventure. Super Mighty Power Man is designed to look, play and feel like a true NES masterpiece, with looks suggesting that it could have released in the last fighting days of the console’s lifespan. Perhaps, a title that missed it’s time long ago, but looking to retrace its steps and show the gaming community what we’ve been missing out on all this time.

With the nostalgic look of the 8-bit graphics, we can certainly expect some quality chip-tune scores from this methodical platformer. Memorable retro style sounds have been created from all of the original tones from the NES chip-tune library. A few examples from the Box Hedge collection are located on their Kickstarter page, just to get a grasp of how catchy SMPM’s soundtrack is turning out to be.

Running about the galaxy as SMPM, Corey will eventually acquire up to 8 different power suits, all with their own unique abilities and skills. From swinging grappling hooks to high-flying rocket boots, Corey will encounter a number of different methods to defeating not only hordes of enemies, but dangerous boss fights as well. However, the levels don’t only pack various enemies and bosses, but multiple pathways, secret items and collectibles will leave players exploring the 2D worlds, leaving no stone unturned.

Aside from interactive enemies and bosses, the backgrounds will be lively and animated, bringing a sturdy amount of detail to the 8-bit palette.
Impressive Rewards for Your Support

While the pledge to help fund this ultimate nod to the iconic Mega Man series is up and running at a healthy pace to reach its goal, there are still tons of stretch goals to work towards after initial funding. Though, upon the success of the team’s Kickstarter campaign, confirmed platform releases are PC, Switch and 3DS. However, reaching higher, more expensive stretch goals would bring the title over to PS4, and eventually the Xbox One. Other rewards like in-game achievements and Hard Mode are also included in the list of possibilities further down the line.

For a look at Hedge Games Studios debut title – Super Mighty Power Man – head on over to their live Kickstarter campaign now. Run through the exclusive rewards offered for the various pledge donation totals, from having your name featured in the credits, to becoming the final boss of the game. Tons of in-game rewards, bonuses, as well as SMPM apparel, a physical copy with the box art and instruction booklet, or even the chip-tune soundtrack are waiting for the right pledge backer.

A breath of nostalgic air for those who crave the diligent and masterful work of 8-bit platformers, Super Mighty Power Man will bring those hard-nose platforming days to the modern world. Combining the gratifying mechanics of perfect timing and meticulous gameplay, along with modern technology and high-powered gaming platforms, head on over to the Hedge Games Kickstarter page, and help surface the retro days of Super Mighty Power Man.



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