A Preview of ‘Blue Omen Operation’, Now Live on Kickstarter

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Discover the truth behind the Blue Omen artifact


Kickstarter is home to many of exciting technological ideas, much of which are directed towards the gaming industry in the form of upcoming titles. One of the latest gracing the RPG side of the gaming community is the 2D action title, Blue Omen Operation, is well passed its pledge goal and will be coming – as long as everything goes to plan – within the next 2 years.

Born from the days of traditional RPGs, Blue Omen and the developers Banana Soft strives to bring a unique experience not found in modern gaming. Highlighted by a creative art style and intriguing characters, this command triggered RPG is powered by strong story involving memorable connections to the inspiring cast. Take a trip created by the indie developers into a world of mystery and unknown dangers that follow the coveted Blue Omen.

The worlds in Blue Omen Operation are all unique and different from each other, and presented in slick , stylish artwork.

Discovered as an alien space artifact, the sarcophagus known as the Blue Omen has been researched for decades among dedicated scientists. The world is unknown about the coffin-shaped artifact, and no one knows the truth behind the secret object. Whether or not the Blue Omen is helpful, or at worse – a threat, the story will unfold and relay the dark mysteries behind the deep space artifact.

Unique skills and abilities equipped by our hero, Jiro…

Blue Omen Operation looks like a cartoon that went straight from the drawing board to television, with sharp outlines and vibrant colors. The battle system integrates the unique combat form which has players using precise timing and skill to accomplish beneficial maneuvers. Parrying and dodging serve as the game’s defensive capabilities, requiring quick reflexes and crucial timing to strike back in a perfect manner. The timing isn’t as easy as memorizing enemy moves, but each opponent will try to fool the player with tricky skills and speeds.

Reacting to enemy attacks at appropriate times using parrying and dodge techniques is only one side of the battle system in Blue Omen. The skills included with the protagonists look to be extremely useful in knocking back the opponent forces. Jiro – the main playable character in Blue Omen – has become cursed from a parasite that has an otherworldly origin. This curse has an upside to its infection, however, because with it comes a host of supernatural powers and skills. Although, a fatal downside comes with the burden of the mysterious curse that haunts Jiro, he will use what he has to discover the truth behind the Blue Omen.

Partners Jiro and Yagiko team up and fend off enemies with supernatural skills and dark magic.
…And his faithful partner-in-crime, Yagiko

Alongside Jiro is his faithful companion, the dark magician – Yagiko. A little off the line of normalcy, Yagiko acts as a major source of magic attacks, and combines perfectly with the supernatural ability that has been granted to Jiro. A smart and powerful ally, Yagiko doesn’t hold back when it comes to fending off enemies, nor causing a little bit of trouble.

With the powerful duo teamed up to take on any evils that stand in their way, the combat between opposing forces looks to take on features from classic tactical battle systems. Inspired from games like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Paper Mario and the WarioWare title, though turn-based combat, players will meticulously time their attacks with quick button combinations to land powerful strikes. It’s up to Jiro and Yagiko to fend of multiple enemies at a time in familiar turn-base RPG style.

The combat system in Blue Omen combines the tactical approach of turn-base RPGs, with the quick and reflex based timed attacks/defenses.

The world that envelopes the players into the tale of Blue Omen Operation is filled with colorful characters and critters to encounter. Cartoon-ized worlds brings a charming and creative theme to the overall tone of the game. The RPG exploration and story-driven dialogue is looking to immerse players into a narrative that sticks with the players for a long time. Banana Soft wants to deliver an experience that the gaming industry hasn’t seen much of in many years.

Upcoming stretch goals and other awards

With the rise of Blue Omen Operation on Kickstarter is beginning to open the door for new additions and features to come forth in the development process. Now over three times its pledge goal, Banana Soft has loads of more extras to add to the formula of Blue Omen. So far the game has reach over $48k donations which gives a healthy amount of new features, such as new boss encounters, challenges/achievement system, and even extra mechanics like fishing and the hint at bear racing.

Many characters and story dialogue await in this exploration, narrative-driven RPG title from indie developers Banana Soft.

Plenty of other stretch goals still sit patiently for a higher pledge goal to be reached. To entice fans and players to give even more of their hard-earned currency towards a broader experience in Blue Omen, the developers have included treats like T-shirts, extra side quests and an entire new chapter to explore, loaded with new NPCs and items. Along with all of these new additions set to multiple stretch goals, backers will also be awarded exclusively with other intriguing offers from the team. Receiving a copy of the game, the soundtrack of the game, stickers, buttons, name in the credits and even having the opportunity to help design your very own boss in the game. Plenty of awesome opportunities exist to show the gaming world that creative ideas come from anywhere and everywhere.

Blue Omen Operation is a fierce-looking, stylish looking new RPG from indie developers Banana Soft. A vibrant world with tons of areas to explore, surreal and strange characters to meet, a refreshingly old-school style of combat revamped for the modern era and a story filled with mystery and science fiction, Blue Omen Operation is a title looking to bring back a familiar style of gaming. Check out the developers Kickstarter page for more on the upcoming action-command RPG title, Blue Omen Operation.

With a small team of three developers, Banana Soft has worked relentlessly on Blue Omen Operation. With their successful Kickstarter run, the three-man team is now on their way to bring the community their debut title, scheduled for release in September of 2019.



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