Preview of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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The many spin-off titles that overflow the Final Fantasy universe can be rather overwhelming when it comes to which sits at the top. Many fans of the series have their RPG senses tickled with the main installments of the series, but various spin-off titles bring other features to the beloved franchise. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is one such title, combining the action arena brawler concept with many familiar faces throughout the Final Fantasy series; and it hits consoles for the first time at the end of this month.

Welcoming Back a Beloved Spin-Off

First appearing only as an arcade release in Japan back in 2015, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is bringing the 3-on-3 brawler to the PS4 console. After the first two releases launched solely on the Playstation Portable System, the third installment is finally bringing the series over to Sony’s major console. Square Enix has Team Ninja on the development of NT, bringing a new 3v3 party battles to the mix of the combat action RPG title.

Tons of FF Characters From The Entire Series

Like the two previous releases that appeared on the PSP, Dissidia NT will give a fierce and competitive action combat game, only this time it will be absolutely loaded with characters stretching across the entire series. Characters from earlier and later titles will be represented in NT, including the Warrior of Light and Garland (FFI), Firion and the Emperor (FFII), Onion Knight and the Cloud of Darkness (FFIII), Golbez, Kain and Cecil (FFIV), Exdeath and Bartz (FFV), Terra and Kefka (FFVI), Cloud and Sephiroth (FFVII), Ultimecia and Squall (FFVIII), Kuja and Zidane (FFIX), Tidus and Jecht (FFX), Shantotto (FFXI), Vaan (FFXII), Lightning (FFXIII), and recently announced Y’shtola Rhul (FFXIV), Noctis (FFXV), and Ramza from the spin-off Tactics, and Ace from Type-0.

This already huge roster includes the original 14 characters that released on the Arcade version, which also include all of the heroes from the previous Dissidia titles. With the announcement of Noctis, Y’shtola Rhul, Ramza and Ace, the roster of characters is turning into the biggest cast of Final fantasy heroes (and villains) yet. Developers over at Team Ninja are aiming to increase the roster to up to 50 characters, by far the most massive collection of FF characters.

Characters from all over the Final Fantasy saga will make their appearance, with a roster Team Ninja anticipates will hit up to 50 characters.

Though the original Arcade mode in Japan has no official Story mode, Dissidia NT will help ease some of the story following enthusiasts need of the single player content. Told in a very untraditional method, a true story mode ceases to exist but story scenes will play throughout the many single player battles. While it’s no full-blown Story mode, it will be interesting to see how much Team Ninja adds to the expansive and dramatic battle scenes between the crossing paths of familiar heroes and villains from the series.

In the middle of the warring conflict involving the Goddess of Protection – Materia fending off against the God of Destruction – Spiritus. In the dimension of what’s known as World B, the Warriors of both Cosmos and Chaos are summoned as the champions to participate in this godly conflict.

A Deeply Rewarding Combat System

Each hero will have their own set of unique skills to unleash in this action-packed arena brawler. Choosing 3 characters to have on your team, a difference from previous Dissidia titles, players will control one character at a time. The AI will take the place of the other two teammates, but players will be able to switch between their other characters freely during battle.

The high adrenaline action combat in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is bringing all new 3-on-3 combat, rather than the previous installments of 1-on-1.

The screen will display a health bar for each character, as well as one major three-segmented bar to display the overall life of each party member. When one member dies, one segment from the party health bar is removed, and naturally when all segments are gone, the player dies. Switching between each character will give players a vast array of special moves, like Brave attacks and EX skills.

The Brave level and attacks acts as the meat of the combat mechanics in Dissidia NT. Players will be able to perform Brave attacks to raise their Brave level, which in turn lead to stronger abilities. Characters will be able to unleash powerful moves known as HP attacks which consume their Brave level. Building the Bravery level will increase based on the amount of damage each Brave attack inflicts. HP attacks then deal a massive amount of damage equal to the player’s Bravery level, as well as setting it back to zero.

Players will also be able to use the Summon meter to bring forth familiar beasts from previous titles to fight alongside them in battle. On the defensive standpoint, players will also be able to use a special shield, but deteriorates over time. Dashing and dodging will use up the player’s stamina meter, but serves as a substantial defensive tactic to flee from enemy attacks.

Along with different skills for each character, they will also be classified in one of four classes featured in the game. Marksman, Vanguard, Assassin and Specialist act as the four classes that each character is listed in, giving unique attributes for each class. Vanguard are powerful character, while Assassins are swift and agile. Marksmen obviously deal their most amount of damage from range attacks and specialists are unique characters with various different traits from other characters in the game.

Characters from both sides of good and evil will be playable in Dissidia NT, including villains like Sephiroth and Kefka.
Worldwide Release on January 30th

Dissidia Final Fantasy has been a beloved spin-off of the series for nearly 10 years, but has barely seen the light of day outside of Japan since 2011. Bringing the cult classic series back with enhanced 3-on-3 battles, a huge roster of both heroes and villains, and what looks to be an intense and exciting combat system, Dissidia NT is sneaking its way up to release by the end of this month. Coming to all PS4 consoles outside of Japan on January 30th, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT looks to spark an entire new generation of Final Fantasy spin offs.

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